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This guide is GOLD!! There is so much in here that I didn’t know about SEO. You’ve given a ton of practical tips and great explanations for each section. It’s a bit overwhelming with all of the stuff that I need to change about how I’m currently writing blog posts. Thank you so much for including that checklist! It’s a lifesaver.

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Ishita Malhotra

Creative Writer

I am a new blogger and I was surprised this blueprint worked as much as it did. I literally have 10 posts that weren't ranking at all, and I can't believe that this guide helped some of them reach page 1. I made sales from some of these posts within my first 3 weeks of optimizing old posts. It's amazing and totally worth it.

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Kylie James

Yoga Instructor

Learn my EXACT method I use that generated my client over $1300 in sales as a brand new blogger using her existing posts.

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a note from Lana

I’ve been working in Digital Marketing for the past 10 years, and SEO has been my favorite medium to work on. Once you get the hang of the complexities involved, it will dramatically grow your traffic with very little costs (if any). I’ve prepared this special On-Page SEO Guide to help you become a self-sufficient content creator while avoiding the common optimization mistakes. I want my readers to know that SEO is EASY. You won’t need to hire someone if you take the time to study my guide and implement the best practices. You should be able to confidently develop a system optimizing your website for massive profits. All while serving your market AND Google in an impactful and cost-effective way. If that sounds like your cup of tea, get the guide right here »