one-day seo intensive

Done-With-You SEO

An accelerated process helping entrepreneurs create a strategy to get them found on Google, within a few short hours.

Quality Traffic

We are targeting users who are already actively looking for information about your industry, therefore are more likely to buy.


Once you optimize your website and begin to receive organic traffic, it will continue to grow over time by itself.

Cost Effective

Organic traffic is always free. Once your website is ranking, there are no cost-per-click fees like with Paid Advertising.

Improve Ranking

Optimizing your website will help Google “read” what your website is about and push you up higher in the search results.

Every minute, 4 million people open up a new tab and try to Google their way out of a problem.

And the businesses that invest in creating content that answers those people’s questions are the ones that get found and win.

Start ranking.

If you want to expand your reach and grow a steady, thriving client-base… it’s time to step up your SEO game. As you might know, SEO can transform your business by bringing hundreds of targeted leads to your site everyday, for free. I’m here to help you achieve that. My One-Day SEO Intensives help entrepreneurs like you update existing pages & create new content that will bring in more organic visitors, increase your keyword rankings, and improve the ways your reader interact with your website, while being Google-approved.

Get found.

We will figure out what’s currently working on your website as well as uncover which underperforming assets can be improved to increase it’s rankings.

On top of that, we will come up with a plan to target new keywords & write new content in order to expand your reach through uncharted topics, with your ideal customer in mind.

The best part? No months-long drawn-out process to come up with a plan. You get a full plan in just a few hours turnaround time, so you can start making Google-friendly content as soon as we’re finished.

Let’s get you on the first page of Google.

For Google to rank your website, you have to set it up in a way that’s appealing to both people AND search engines. 

Only then can you rank on Page 1 of Google.

What to Expect

Before we begin:

Fill out the form on my contact page, sign your contract, and we’ll set up a date for our meeting. You will have me for the day so make sure you come prepared and ready for world domination.

After we have the contract signed and a session on the books, I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire so I can better understand your business goals, history, industry, competition, etc. 

I’d also like access to your Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

Our Meeting Day

We’ll have 3 hours blocked out on the calendar. Here’s what it looks like:

I’ll share what your/your competitors’ sites are currently ranking for.

We’ll talk about how those terms align with what you want to be found for, and how they fit into what your ideal clients are experiencing.

Go get a latte, you deserve it.

meanwhile, I’ll dig deep into keyword research & Google Search Console data.

I’ll share my initial plan — which existing content I want you to update and why, what new keywords I found in my research, and how I think it’ll all fit together to align with your client’s needs.

You tell me what works and what isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

Enjoy your nap.

I’ll be consolidating all my research into a plan you can start implementing right away.

What happens after:

Within 24 hours, you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive plan of 8-12 new pieces of content to create (with corresponding keywords & suggested titles)
  • A spreadsheet of your entire website with it’s current meta data and suggested meta data
  • Any major changes to make to your website copy more SEO-friendly
  • A list of ay website errors (broken URLs, 404 pages, missing meta data, etc)
  • A customized walkthrough of exactly how to use this info
  • Copies of all your files & recordings of our conversations

Need help with the actual writing? You also get:

  • SEO checklists & templates
  • A copy of my Demystifying On-Page SEO Blueprint ($79 value), including the Facebook Group student community, where you can share your wins and ask any questions

Sometimes you don’t know what you need help with until you get into the trenches. So, 6-8 weeks after our strategy, we’ll have a check-in call to review your SEO progress and talk through any obstacles you’re facing.

Is this for me?

This could be a good fit if...


You provide services directly to clients, you sell digital courses or products, or you have a local business


You’ve written blog posts before but you aren't sure how to optimize it for search engines AND humans


You struggle with figuring out WHAT to write about that will provide a steady stream of traffic and potential leads

This might NOT be a good fit if...


You have a large e-commerce site (those typically require more time to build a comprehensive strategy)


You want to rank on the first page now & can’t wait a couple months for the SEO benefits to "kick-in"


You don’t want to write (or outsource the writing) for any of the content piece suggestions

Pricing starts at $500/mo

I only take 4 clients/mo for this particular offering, so grab your spot now.

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a note from Lana

I’ve been working in Digital Marketing for the past 10 years, and SEO has been my favorite medium to work on. Once you have a strategy in place, it will dramatically grow your traffic with very little additional costs (if any). This Done-With-You SEO service ends with a collaborative plan-of-action while I educate you on the SEO Why & How. Together, we will develop a strategy around optimizing your website and creating content for massive profits. All while serving your market AND Google in an impactful and cost-effective way. If that sounds like your cup of tea, contact me today »