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The easy step-by-step guide to SEO

Teaching you how to get your website found on google

Start ranking.

So, you hired someone to build you a beautiful website, and now it’s getting so much traffic!… Uhhhhhh, not the case?

Ya, that’s not how Google works.

For Google to rank your website, you have to set it up in a way that’s appealing to both people AND search engines.

Only then can you rank on Page 1.

I know SEO is an intimidating and often misunderstood subject for most people. But when used correctly, it can be the MOST powerful vehicle to grow a business naturally.

Get found.

SEO can transform your business by bringing hundreds of targeted leads to your site everyday, for free.

So I’m here to help you out.

My goal is to provide you a practical, easy to understand DIY SEO Blueprint that gives you the confidence to manage your own SEO.
Without the need for expensive experts.

You deserve a website that shows up in Google search results and consistently get you subscribers, leads and sales.

It’s time to stop being a “best kept secret.” You have a powerful product and you’re ready to be found.

Let’s get you on the first page of Google.

Why I love SEO

Quality Traffic

We are targeting users who are already actively looking for information about your industry, therefore are more likely to buy.


Once you optimize your website and begin to receive organic traffic, it will continue to grow over time by itself.

Cost Effective

Organic traffic is always free. Once your website is ranking, there are no cost-per-click fees like with Paid Advertising.

Improve Ranking

Optimizing your website will help Google “read” what your website is about and push you up higher in the search results.

This guide is perfect for coaches, course creators, realtors, local businesses, service-based businesses, and entrepreneurs ready to rise through the ranks. I’ll be teaching you the 18-steps to creating Google friendly content that gives you the sustainable & passive traffic needed to level up your business.

Inside this 74 page eBook, you'll find:

An easy 18-step checklist to use when creating new content you want to rank in Google, and how to accomplish each one.

How to conduct keyword research and optimize your content, with the suggested FREE tools you never knew existed.

What to do with your content after you hit publish to get more traffic from Google (and if done correctly, more sales).

You will be generating new streams of targeted traffic & leads every time you hit ‘publish’.

Step-by-step guidance on...



We will look at keyword data to find out which profitable keywords to target



We will find which topics to write about to increase the organic traffic to your site



We will structure your content in a way that Google can comprehend & crawl



We will write content that excites your readers as well as the ‘Googlebots’



We will optimize everything: your images, the copy, your title, & more



We will submit your sitemap to search engines, social media platforms, & more



We will set up Google Analytics & Google Search Console to track our SEO success

This guide is GOLD!! There is so much in here that I didn’t know about SEO. You’ve given a ton of practical tips and great explanations for each section. It’s a bit overwhelming with all of the stuff that I need to change about how I’m currently writing blog posts. Thank you so much for including that checklist! It’s a lifesaver.

maita marketing testimonial
Ishita Malhotra

Creative Writer

I am a new blogger and I was surprised this blueprint worked as much as it did. I literally have 10 posts that weren't ranking at all, and I can't believe that this guide helped some of them reach page 1. I made sales from some of these posts within my first 3 weeks of optimizing old posts. It's amazing and totally worth it.

maita marketing testimonial
Kylie James

Yoga Instructor

Demystifying SEO helps get you out of the haze with a clear solution to rank on Google.

Stop getting lost with difficult concepts and technical speak.
Every step in this guide is designed to deconstruct the core components of SEO, inching you closer to gaining more traffic and a higher authority online.


Demystifying On-Page SEO
$ 37 One-time payment
  • 74 Pages of SEO Guidance
  • SEO Self-Assessment Test
  • The 18-Step "On-Page SEO" Checklist
  • 10+ Free SEO Tools & Resources
  • 12+ SEO Tips for Higher Rankings
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  • BONUS: How to Speed Up Your Site
  • BONUS: How to Amplify Your Reach
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a note from Lana

I’ve been working in Digital Marketing for the past 10 years, and SEO has been my favorite medium to work on. Once you get the hang of the complexities involved, it will dramatically grow your traffic with very little costs (if any). I’ve prepared this special On-Page SEO Guide to help you become a self-sufficient content creator while avoiding the common optimization mistakes. I want my readers to know that SEO is EASY. You won’t need to hire someone if you take the time to study my guide and implement the best practices. You should be able to confidently develop a system optimizing your website for massive profits. All while serving your market AND Google in an impactful and cost-effective way. If that sounds like your cup of tea, get the guide right here »